Quick DIY – Geo Earrings

I love working with Polymer clay and Fimo has such an amazing collection of colours I just couldn’t resist. I gathered a bunch of awesome colours from my local art and craft shop and got making!

If you have 10 minutes and a few supplies you can totally make these babies.

You will need
Polymer Clay (I used Fimo, you could also use Sculpey)
Earring backs
Sharp craft knife
E6000 glue

geoearrings_30Step 1
Take a piece of Fimo and mould it in your hands until it’s soft and workable. My first attempt at these guys I broke a piece off the block and started cutting straight into it without softening it up first. I thought, if I just want straight cuts I wouldn’t need to work it. I was wrong. The clay simply crumbled and snapped off in places I wanted smooth sides. Trust me. Working the clay and warming it up is still super important for the success of this project.


Step 2
Using the earring back as a size guide cut a section of clay to work with.

geoearrings_17Step 3
Cut off sections of the clay working from the top down on an angle.


geoearrings_20Step 4
Now cut pieces straight down and working on an inward angle.

geoearrings_21Step 5
Once you’re happy with your shapes bake your pieces in the oven, following the instructions on the pack.

Step 6
Once the geo pieces are our of the oven and they’ve cooled down you can glue the earring posts to the back.

geoearrings_24Finished! Simple as that. 🙂


I love these simple little geo pieces. I think they would make awesome pins for my cork board.
Think that will be my next project. 🙂



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Antonella | White House Crafts
Reply May 9, 2016

These are really sweet! Found this post thru Craftgawker.

Havalah Turner
Reply May 10, 2016

love this and the simplicity to make them!

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