Maker Interview – Philippa of Ouch Flower

Philippa is an incredible maker/artist. With her brand Ouch Flower she combines a passion for both ceramics and weaving to create the most amazing wearable pieces as well as beautiful vessels. I am so super excited to have her on the blog today. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Philippa?
I’m currently on family leave from teaching and home with our daughter. My son is at school and I’m enjoying this slow life for a bit. I practise my art daily in and around my family’s needs. I run and do barre and this keeps me moving and mentally healthy.

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa Taylor You say you’re a potter seduced by fibre. Tell us a little about this seduction. 
Yes, its the best way to describe where I am at, at the moment, which is torn between two passions.
I’m trying to connect the two disciplines in my making. It began with macrame back in 2011, then tassels, now its weaving.
I like the small repetitive stitches that underline this craft.

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa Taylor When did you start working with clay and what made you interested in adding finer to your work?
I studied and completed my honours in clay back in the nineties, I’ve had a long hiatus…but I’m now working to make up lost time. I’ve found I can’t do one craft without the other, I’ll weave for a bit  then miss clay….the I’ll work in my pottery studio and miss weaving.

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa Taylor

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa Taylor What’s your workspace like?
My husband fitted out our old carport into a pottery studio for me. I weave my work mostly around the kids in the lounge room, not very fancy but it works.

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa Taylor Tell us a little about your process.
I work daily. I keep the tasks that involve a lot of attention when my daughter sleeps but mostly the constancy keeps the ideas flowing and keeps my skills improving.

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa TaylorHow does a piece go from an idea in your head to a finished piece?
I do sketchbook work but mostly I visualise my work a lot in my mind and muse on different ways to create, mostly when I’m running or doing the mundane housework. I’m on this 24/7. I try a lot of things out, make mistakes, undo and start again.

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa TaylorWhat’s coming up for you, any new projects in the works? 
I’ve waiting for my new kiln to arrive, then i can really flex my clay arm! …and I hope to do some markets coming up to Christmas but mostly I’m dreaming about having an exhibition one day!

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa Taylor

philippaWant to learn from the master? Philippa does workshops! 

Weaving and Ceramics - Philippa Taylor

Want to see more from Philippa? Here’s where to find her and her amazing work…
Online Store // Website // Instagram

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Reply November 29, 2016

I just saw your work , a friend was wearing one of you're necklaces! So beautiful, 😘

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